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          Mixed flow pump        The sea believes A5 to read a mobile phone, protect eye ink screen, advocate play the function that shield an eye,Deft and portable, inside buy is numerous book source, big batteries + HIFI sound effect.NowBeijing eastHold an activity, after buying a mobile phone, read inside APP (everyday 30 minutes, 300 pages) sign in, can win level award, top award is sign in 180 days to return 1199 yuan.Difficulty still is some, but also not be to do not have a law to finish, method always compares difficulty much.Force oneself to read study, return can procurable machine, kill two birds with one stone.Buy an address: The sea believes A5 to read a mobile phone? ? Pay open to booking, delivered goods on November 1.Mobile regulation: Https://pro.jd.com/mall/active/3jqhsUUMQvCGCGJo55veN4Nbgvie/index.htmlProduct introduction: Https://zhuanlan.zhihu.com/p/90449500===========================================Day cat demon 149 yuan, successive sign in 100 days, return cash total money.I already got on a car, money is not much. Before buying, had thought, can successive sign in, 100 days also are not so easy.A few the netizen's foregone difficulty:1, the Spring Festival already was after 100 days, if hurry on with one's journey,come home or Spring Festival amuse oneself, whether to have time register one's attendance at a meeting or at an office.2, the machine needs to insert power source, without inside buy batteries.3, after daily sign in, still need to undertake interacting simply according to the directive, want artificial operation.Everybody has wanted to be bought again, had done to the circumstance of likelihood happening beforehand case answer.Buy an addressClean out countersign $HIraYqu9nLf$ to open a mobile phone to clean out treasure to issue sheet instantlyQQ group: 791403821? ? Be restricted to attend friend application of the activity only, mutual sign in reminds, add group of password FULIBUSSweep a code to buyCancelBelieve me. 100 days, you do adventitiousLook have great mind to write script automatic sign in.Should finish interactive job, reckon the task still does not repeatDid these caution to seal your date do not let you enter an activityAttend attendedSign in 100 days. . . For ages for ages ~ forgets a day to cannot be returnedThe oblivion that is type of a flight of stairs can return the amount that already reached one day to you to still renascent card Long sends this to block Huo Huo to revive greatlyRenascent card every machine can use a piece only. Need to pull really new, but also meaning of it doesn't matter.Press what level returns. Still can fill autographCan pull only new get reviving getting stuck, download APP to those who do designation task to just calculate sign in to finish ~ to bother arrive everyday inside APP even nextGet on a car100 Tian TaijiuHave little love fellow student, this opportunity leaves authorityInteractive job should be finished after seeing dozen of card or attending to turn over correct one's pronunciation to ring also is not what requisiteThe risk that turn over Lu is high. LetThose who send is flashy also get on a carBuild group build group build groupBought be clear to back down, 100 days not worth, this thing did not use the key completely value. And not be simple sign in, return so that finish interactive job.Just began to issue sheet, from the back look again carefully, still have interactive job, retreatedNext sheetGet on a car!Him feeling holds to no less than comingOf appropriate appropriate hold to no less than comingSupportive small letter, pay clew of treasure gathering speech to be bought, looking nevertheless is unlikely.Have blue tooth, oneself open a setting to have clewBlue tooth still must use a mobile phone, I am to want Wifi link, the mobile phone also can not sow a newspaper beside the sort of. This kind of product is too little.Had gotten on a car, etc pull group, should be to oneself importunate takes exercise! Sit back and wait is built groupGet on a car!This car distance is too long, be unable to bearLook be like very be to one's profit, but hold to no less than coming at all actually, because you are impossible to be in the home everyday, go out to be being taken impossibly also everywhere, break a day to be finishedAttended, look can insist to come downIt is too easy that server end wants those who interrupt you to hit card not to want, also not be to had not produced similar case before.Spend the New Year don't you turn over Lu certainly? Let!Coming in which autographEnter group of password mistakes100 days insist very hard to come downLet, insist not to comeHttps://www.zhihu.com/question/327038257The need that play card does the jobNext sheet how flow forehead did not see100 days of successive sign in are difficult really. I am in a certain community is successive 10 days of sign in, set alarm clock in the evening every morning, still be the circumstance of sign in of meeting occurrence leakage.Already bought little love classmateIt doesn't matter of 100 days of sign in, decide an alarm clock to go. But 100 days everyday the job is different, this is finished rise to have difficulty100 days, not be in the home sooner or later, look I still calculatedFinish interactive job everyday too bored alsoBought air conditioning businessman to send, not be to must be tasted really, speech very wisdom barrier. It is a sound box just.Just do not call calorie of register one's attendance at a meeting or at an office, however, the sign in that play card while finish assign interactive content ability is OK, calculate calculateI want a box of day cat demon not to want demon to have 0 yuan of demon box to buyThis resembles playing the digital game that keeps 1-500 same, requirement cannot clerical error cannot write leakage much, ordinal cannot clerical error, a lot of people feel this has why difficult, but great majority is written 300+ when or be 400+ when some even 200+ when, like can giving an issue, calculate interactive without those task, successive sign in of 100 days, even if these 100 days do not go to work not to go out to do this, very possible meeting leaks one day more evenFei Xun's pain looks everybody forgot, did not pull what home great undertaking not to pour this kind of word greatlyBefore getting on a car, everybody wants to see well, it is with day cat demon says: Day cat energy, strong duck plays card, finish interactive ability to calculate sign in next, not be on the mobile phone dot sign in comes to an endI asked a client, interact even if say good morning, my love with him you, those who laugh at an and so on.The first day makes calorie of success, interact even if, read day cat demon, you are fool. Next demon says, the family just is not. FinishHold out difficult importunateDo not have what to use, I am pursued abandon from, needless thing is gratuitious also do not want100 days very difficult, the job one busy forget certainly, calculated and present demon, this also collects fees those collect fees calculatedUpstairs can say to cannot be accomplished downstairsMagnify Mom sign in of 1200+ transientThe aunt has filling autograph card.Brainwashing 100 days, as long as 149Millet also has given this sort to be like an activity, not be simple sign in, interactive job should be finished after playing card, 100 days calculate come down to want to spend many time, 100 days very difficult really, and possible still server interrupts sign in and so on, gave problem customer service to be responded far from, the risk of the Lu that be turned over is quite big! Is why saying the Lu that be turned over? Do not have what at all because of this thing practical, dinkum decoration, that time is inferior to going out to perhaps spend time to learn other thing!Practical still be some, the cube sugar of day cat demon of 89 has been bought before me, take the blue tooth sound box when jotter now, the loudhailer that takes oneself than jotter a lot ofThat mode still can accept Fei Xun, this... ... difficulty is a bit great100 days, get at the beginning of Feburary, spend the New Year answer native place to also must be takenWith roadside actually booth writes serial number 1-10000 this kind to send Mao Rongwa child is same argument, average person cannot be finished.Before remembering, B stands an achievement, direct seeding area a year of successive sign in 365 days, script also has, plug-in unit also has, one day indescribable did not drive computer, broke, mdzz, play not to come, play not to come30 the day is 100 days difficult really almostFree Lu activity! I like Te petty gain this kind most!QQ space is successive before sign in more than 1000 days, this ability 100 days, mere trifleIntelligence quotient duty100 days, rely on artificial operation, basic impossible job.Decisive get on a car, official activity. 17 years of the first day cat demon that approves 99 yuan of activities to buy, use frequency is very tall still, this is looked at pretty good still, be equivalent to a simple screen can show time, the information such as weather, 100 days take freely, lose the head of a bed, morning and evening sets alarm clock, I believe I am possible! Acknowledgment is recommended!Do not know the activity lasts how long, possible word, after spending the New Year resumptive play card. After year should can normal, be afraid of pair of 100 day hind of 11 to end an activity only.See detailed regulation, carry solstice showing cut period 2020-03-31See word of of Zuo Kui puts , my Zuo do not do Zuo Kui 100 daysActually this thing also is worth 100 come a money, want to sign 100 talents to belong to you, that is to say it is OK that your autograph arrives an appearance of 5, I feel not quite be to one's profit.Not worth 100, do not have even batteriesA day together 5, play me several minutes, not worth whenStill also go actually, I 149 cost price bought, send intelligence socket. It is very cheap that you are hit a littleI dare say myself is not done absolutely, smoke smoke of 100 days to perhaps have a meal to still go.Already got off, spring Festival holiday includes in 100 days of tasks, holiday drinks every day, it is very normal to forget dozen of cardThe form is conglomerate, employ two each people, everyday two hours, two mutual cooperation, handle 200 Zhang order? Feasible?I disrelish a money take the placeThe sea believes A5 that, 180 days are to return 699 yuan either 1199 yuan ah, be in front together cumulative?Cumulative just looked, had done not have goods can choose only make an appointment editionJust affirming with customer service is cumulative, was equal to 0 yuan to buy, midway if problem of mobile phone quality is brought about cannot hit card to want to contact small letter customer service to show a case.@ Fei XunOne caboodle person is good the scar forgot to ache, day day leek is not cutI also was afraid ofCan sea letter close down run road? Do 180 days read 30 minutes of 300 pages to a few people can insist come down finally everyday? Fei Xun is bought 0 yuan is to guide to P2P conduct financial transactions capital, this what also is done not have, be one and the same?How be one and the same, at the beginning is the total money that you pay true gold silver?I press Zuo hand however was unable to bear, need not Zuo Kui ?Zuo everyday Zuo Kui , hits card to break namely inPut , Yao of Zuo of Zuo of after of half an yearEveryday 30 minutes, 300 pages, time of half an year, do not have a law to do really without scriptThis 300 pages do not know to be able to go with slipping quickly, can if OKForerunner often can be finished, the successor built 0 more perfect yuan to buy regulation on Fei Xun's body.Group full be not addedTurn over Lu to bookIt is hole absolutely, this is human nature, without any method.Be afraid that the task is not secured. Finally task of a few create difficulties for sb (pull for instance new) , with respect to incomplete. Feel some are troublesome, not Piao. Demon also is, must interact with equipment every day, still cannot carry at any time.Today date: 2019/10/24 on Thursday===From the Spring Festival still had 2020 [92] dayCommodity page is written 4000mah batteries. Without inside buy batteries needs to insert report to use is what meaningThat is saying day cat demon, the sea believes a mobile phone should not so dry. Such word is too sanded also vulture.Those who plug phone is day cat demonI am set into alarm clock going to work, do not believe 180 days to hold to no less than comingThe 300 pages that do not know a mobile phone can slip quickly, possible the word rushs 30 minutesThe sea believes this, should be outside can you doing a simple physics, hanged? For instance fanner, capacitance penStill remember Beijing east is Fei Xun of 18 years bought 0 yuanWhy need not Kindle bide one's time 30 days, use half month continuously unchallenged.Day cat genius saw in forum, how to see read a mobile phone. Had made work used up, want to buy this to read a mobile phone very much. . . Had those who had bought to regret to contact me, QQ137383495What some palm reads is 120g electrified pool, 180g is here... a mobile phone + 0.6 mobile phones can consider, you are so burdensome, calculated180 days hit card to read 30 minutes everyday 300 pages, rely on Beijing completely east read... , free resource can not let me read 180 days, it is successive sign in next... , who can assure... , caution white go whoring is by by JD go whoringSend a year of JD freely to read a member11.1 buy a mobile phone to still a postal credit card reduces the activity of 200 completely, the result is odd by Beijing east customer service gives cancel order refund, filled buy a yard surely, privilege was done not have, a bit sad do not want to buyThe sea believes A5, I feel to meet a bit to turn over ah say 27 ability began to deliver goods in NovemberPop chart of commodity of sell like hot cakes, exceed newlier fast, need shopping searchBlessing the edition that install eminent115 nets dish section of 2019 iron pink, diamond member 380 yuan 18 months, space sending 3T stands originally exclusive allowanceActor cruel cruel mews VIP is the member that actors or actress cruel the superlative degree is fastened, except the limits of authority that enjoys actor cruel VIP, still can carry in TV applicable.©2019Welfare Website map...Reading details

          High pole lamp        The United States showed on October 4, it is a foundation with part of homonymic DC caricature, by Wanner company of brotherly movie estate is issued, home was not shown.Below the mask of smile, hidden is exceeding sadness."Antic" : Https://movie.douban.com/subject/27119724/Han edition is high-definition hard caption, offer have a taste of what is just in season only, blue smooth version needs to continue to await!Ripe flesh: Antrum of Zheng Su of Li Zhangzhou chapter Chen Fengwu of Zhao Wangsu Zhao ChenzhaoRaw meat: Zhu Wu of Zheng of a surname of Han of Zhou Wei plum defends Qian Hanzheng Wei Zheng of Han of Jiang of Shenyang of king of Sun Wu plumCaption downloads: Http://www.zimuku.la/subs/51019.htmlCancelPut Baidu network directly dish direct from line download net dish can lookDid not see a net dish link. . .Cipher looks not to understandHttps://fulibus.net/anhao.html Take away don't mention itExpect very long, can see Hahaha eventuallyQiu Ge invites a code1410865827@qq.comBeg Chinese captionAcknowledgmentYuan Jianniu forcesCan download with what tool ah this too difficultWelfare why if this is powerful because of prosperous and strong, democratic, civilized, harmony, free, equal, just, law, patriotic, respect course of study, sincere letter, affable66666666666“` comes to " cuss of sleep deeply demon 2 " goodThis kind of machine turns over Yuan Jian the level still does not deserve to make caption groupThe rate of Baidu is too slow alsoOn arrangement thank dragon is bigSit back and wait 1080Wait for a hunderd schools of edition of caption of a Chinese to surnameWhy be Baidu did not have other option besides BaiduViolet potato flummeryDiscover an AcerPandowload downloads chelonian fast, still what high speed downloads the method of dial fileOily monkey script + IDMSpeak out you to may be not believed, I am cut later by speed limit every time official client end, can become occasionally full fast...See video downloadPandownload webpage editionEnfi downloads.Feeling or grandfather I am uglier, see clown still be inferior to looking in the mirror see oneselfStage edition had read before, acting too assist, I am to like to reckon a lot of people look no less than going to nevertheless very much...Cutout decreased a few minutesBaidu net dish not quite good was used, too slow, brush brush clavier 3D4D6FC07F098590295EAF32419086A1730650ADBe Chinese caption?Hong Kong abandons green regular meeting to like this movie very much, but I prefer, if they want to try such setting, then we can let them laugh more happily - )This not quite high-definition, I think those who buy original edition to collectAppreciation does not come this kind of cultureWait for a letterHundred dial is too slow, do not have a member to be no good, fast thunder downloads an address: Thunder://QUFodHRwOi8vYW5uaW5nLmx1YW5uaWFvLXp1aWRhLmNvbS8xOTExL0pva2VyLkhEMTI4MOmrmOa4heS4reWtl+mfqeeJiC5tcDRaWg==/50M width downloads 10M second.Ok, 55mb/sPeak value 89, average of 62 had wavedThis speed flows really batch, pull directly fullWhen much an a hunderd schools surnames cipher ahHow is surname of a hunderd schools doneThe join of version of the word in Yuan Jian hanged A! ! Can you fill greatly? Super- want to lookAcknowledgmentAbove all acting is really good, also can see acting only, gut and clown of city of elder brother Tan differ very far perhaps say to change city of elder brother Tan into other city name betterer instead, bringing city of elder brother Tan forcibly also is dull. In addition this film pats red harbor to abandon blueness to look namely, there is an actor's lines to say well inside, probably means " is you are done so to want revolution? " but the makings that this kind of person is not revolution, can obtain the pitiful creature that attention feels only through crime, discharge drops camouflage fart is not.Pop chart of commodity of sell like hot cakes, exceed newlier fast, need shopping searchBlessing the edition that install eminent115 nets dish section of 2019 iron pink, diamond member 380 yuan 18 months, space sending 3T stands originally exclusive allowanceActor cruel cruel mews VIP is the member that actors or actress cruel the superlative degree is fastened, except the limits of authority that enjoys actor cruel VIP, still can carry in TV applicable.©2019Welfare Website map...Reading details

          On-board power supply        Popular video:Opening parent is alliedAdvertisement of earthy flavour recruit studentsWhat calls the soul the partnerHow many person imagines medium gutPut the family of firework. Big tangerine: Not necessary, you are done not have really so necessaryElder sister, can we have bit of eyesight to seeShe " rhythm Guang Jian " played " rhythm ruffian "Can you listen to the distinction that gives par piano and high-grade pianoWith " renown detective Ke Na " thematic song will dance, the style of good cruelChildren acting explodesThe Jin Wu that fast male sea chooses hides charming (1 minute of 35 seconds have a surprise)After girlfriend enuresis, say to love me to me you should also enuresisDo not go looking for trouble: The action that the wool on automatic staircase brushsHow does refine become high quality worker of ChinaWelfare share, reprint make clear pleaseDrinking beer is not to cause " beer belly " immediate causeThe dried food sums up bathroom cleanness, one article is solved " be soiled of lens surface water, closestool hangs a wall, enter the water mould " 3 big pain spotPopular picture:Welfare/ welfare bus (Fulibus.net) collect is arranged, reprint ask give chapter and verse for.CancelBlessing old user, but it is to look, do not comment on, see somebody try forum code all the time, what is there inside curiosity, I also beg. ThankYmajieshou@163.com 锝 锝瀁ou spend what money also can buy a yard directlyDoes old user spend bit of money to not be willing?1, poor 2, do not know there is what content in forum, the value nots worth.Undeserved, do not buyDo not know what content value nots worth to still abandon a face to beg, you fall on your knees Long gives you greatlyTermagancy old elder brotherHow much are 41 graphs date? ?Ask togetherMy Massage Style#5 and penult Zhang Tu give a source brotherly budThe 8th graph begs reciprocal of the 2nd page provenance.Beg togetherBeg the first page finallyTongqiuWant to know the person of that elevator does not have a thing?Did not have an accident, beg incidentally invite a code, thank everybody great mind, 29539703@qq.comThat is like is from elevator outside outside go, already 1 building, should do not have a thing, just elevator door became bad did not box upGraph 4 - plain Nai hopes - MMYM-001Really fierce, pass a buttock to be able to recognize ~~~Beg old man to give a link, search arrives fall to be not movedFemale advocate general, it is old end, do not have other distinguishing feature, looked simply, also did not download, cutoutFierce, consult to you especially, older piece beg piece: Be mixture hot spring, male advocate peace of a devils cooperate, the hero saves the United States, next XOOne berth 2 days?How can receive calabash child decorationCover graph has a linkBlessing old user, but it is to look, do not comment on, see somebody try forum code all the time, what is there inside curiosity, I also beg. Thank253787227@qq.com 锝 锝濼he first page pursues 2 black are classmate of my high schoolBe true over there elevator?I also want to beg to invite a code18846115948@163.comThankThat Korea advocate what to sow a girl to cry? ? ?Beg invite a code, old man people. 204154148@qq.comThe first page is the last it is what ghostI also want to beg to invite a codeFang@z4g.cnThankSaw about the same 3-4 year welfare, from the good child previously invisible series arrives now, I think more thorough knowledge forum! Beg to invite a 396910574@qq.comThen you did not look carefully for certain, with respect to the government hair code does not know to send how many times!scatter, you also copy this thing?Welfare inviting a code after all is what meaning, beg silently invite a codeTry forum code together, thank! 2654037863@qq.comThe first graph has mummy the 3 military forces tomb figure inside are inspected already feelingI want to know the Fanhao of girl of black silk of the 2nd pageReciprocal of the 2nd page tries a plate the 8th pieceWho is the 2nd page the first? I like this kindHttps://p.ssl.qhimg.com/t01dbcd67659604d94f.gif Beg old man to give a sourceThe first page the 2nd piece red black two female it is Nai simply Nai and graceful graceful feelingPlate is informed please, https://p.ssl.qhimg.com/t018b2e37aa0bc480a4.gifPop chart of commodity of sell like hot cakes, exceed newlier fast, need shopping searchBlessing the edition that install eminent115 nets dish section of 2019 iron pink, diamond member 380 yuan 18 months, space sending 3T stands originally exclusive allowanceActor cruel cruel mews VIP is the member that actors or actress cruel the superlative degree is fastened, except the limits of authority that enjoys actor cruel VIP, still can carry in TV applicable.©2019Welfare Website map...Reading details

          Cutting knife        BGM: " half crock gauze " : Click broadcastPopular video:Yunnan folk song " seductive and bewitching resemble a woman " gut to MvThe dead of at hand follow closely " lend money " ? Mobile phone of be buried with the dead of pilfer of man # graveyard turns Zhang is close 10 thousand yuan of # are caughtI believe this video should do not have a man of meeting speedNi but Jideman (Nicole Kidman) a visit to the parents or schoolchildren or young workers (73 problems ask quickly to answer quickly interview)? ? ? ?Training is daily! Love buttock leg day mostWelfare share, reprint make clear pleaseDo I feel the masses abandons competing?Long leg cat explored to discover short leg cat has not hit him" Ma Nan Bojieke " final season prevue bilingual editionWant an idea only not coast, method always compares difficulty muchThe land of country of 10 minutes is grand, the earth of an ancient name for China of kilometer of 9.6 million squareBully gas 10 Lian Sheng, chinese women's volleyball shifts to an earlier date one round to defend crown world cupPopular picture:Welfare/ welfare bus (Fulibus.net) collect is arranged, reprint ask give chapter and verse for.CancelThe bridge has dish …… to grow a leg greatly originallyGrab the firstMagnetic force the nucleus is harmonious, where to look for resource nowDo you like breasts or end? Like to be able to bear or endure child answer 1 buttock 2Dot just can be chosen, my all wantsI like 3, 1+2=31.2Do you like 0 or 1?You are dot, just choose, I wantHey Ni butIs the first page last ” of classroom of 1 piece of ” ? Do not have understanding to have what intention, beg ask.Attend class take a dogWhere?Do not have connotation, teacher beautyThat knows true ox forces, who is so fierce paid close attention to him so long.Perhaps be the answer that just breaks up to before, nod those who saw his near future incidentally.Beg a website that sees a pictureThe wisdom of true deep feeling peopleThis period meaning having a placeHave the car of that ASMR. . .Finally who is younger sister of that big titThe assistant of a charmer of TaiwanOld elder brother has source or nameHttps://p.ssl.qhimg.com/t01cd4d4405cb7ef76e.gif Wooden old man sends a car38200AB62EF276541A0E7699D7BEBA1F5B14583DSSNI-209Not be to see someone says I return floor long grass to do not have an attention reallyWho can give next licking the information of mike.Https://tva1.sinaimg.cn/large/007qbgWbgy1g6r9rdvwyug304b0a5e0c.gifHave old man to send a car brandThe floor grows grass HahahaHttps://p.ssl.qhimg.com/t014b699afdc182fb45.gifOld man sends a car?Pop chart of commodity of sell like hot cakes, exceed newlier fast, need shopping searchBlessing the edition that install eminent115 nets dish section of 2019 iron pink, diamond member 380 yuan 18 months, space sending 3T stands originally exclusive allowanceActor cruel cruel mews VIP is the member that actors or actress cruel the superlative degree is fastened, except the limits of authority that enjoys actor cruel VIP, still can carry in TV applicable.©2019Welfare Website map...Reading details

          File        The unit released the news related two copyright related national copyright bureau recently, can say with our be closely bound up,it is first aboutit is first aboutHome of the Holy City" case of tort pilfer editionAbout "Home of the Holy City" most propbably need not say more, what often see a movie should be very familiar this website,Forum of the Holy City releases resource of despotic movie and TV to be told to film enthusiast, quality is good still,So old will provide resource of many high grade movie and TV, but opposite, also was to violate copyright of many movie and TV,Be closed down now, regretful, more is helpless, it is checkup castrate on one hand, it is the fact of tort on the other hand,It is to let a person all sorts of feelings well up in one's heart really!Primitive link: StampConceal at Internet long, website of 14 years registers a member to amount to 2 million person-time, click a quantity to be amounted to 1.3 billion times... on December 12, the reporter saves know of Public Security Department from Shanxi, Home of the Holy City" case of edition of pilfer of tort of especially big website already was destroyed thoroughly by Shanxi police, at present this case already moved send procuratorial work mechanism to undertake prosecution.On Feburary 11, 2019, national copyright bureau comes around to Shanxi police clew of a case, national copyright bureau comes around to Shanxi police clew of a case,, Home of the Holy City" the website is suspected of edition of pilfer of the tort on the net. After receiving case clew, long treat net of public security bureau to install a branch to spread out put on record to investigate instantly, the course fights bravely many days continuously, shanxi police is uncovered successfully "Home of the Holy City" case of edition of pilfer of tort of especially big website. Via checking, via checking,, Home of the Holy City" the website is falling without the circumstance that put on record, offer the resource such as the film without accredit, disc, game, software to link in great quantities, download publicly for the member, collect fees through the member with promotion advertising form seeks profit, the website registers a member to amount to 2 million person-time, click a quantity to be amounted to 1.3 billion times.To destroy gang of edition of pilfer of tort of this especially big website thoroughly, 4 servers that Shanxi police after this installs international limited company to rent Hong Kong to Henan scene undertake data close down, hunt down from the server without accredit video resource more than 12700, disc resource more than 16300, game resource more than 4700, high-definition MV resource more than 4000, software resource more than 9900. With one action seizes main suspect Zhu Mou, Sun Mou, Li Mou the 3 people such as some, this one conceal at Internet 14 years long "Home of the Holy City" website of tort of edition of especially big pilfer is destroyed thoroughly. Current, this case already moved send procuratorial work mechanism to enter sue level.Author: Laborious dagger origin: Shanxi evening paper releases time: On December 13, 2019it is second aboutit is second aboutRat draw Chinese change group" tort " sea thief king " caseLike to look move free, to " sea thief king " familiar friend should know "Rat draw Chinese change group" ,Official caption has not been compared Chinese change group caption to go up in this bit comparative and remarkable, also accordingly, also accordingly,, Rat draw Chinese change group" progress is good,This year October, this year October,, Rat draw Chinese change group" edition of the pilfer that be informed against " sea thief king " caricature is relevant resource, chinese change group GG!If say " home of the Holy City " be offerred on certain level a few decrease movie and TV and the suppress that do not have online resource without cutout,If say " home of the Holy City " be offerred on certain level a few decrease movie and TV and the suppress that do not have online resource without cutout,, Rat draw Chinese change group" it is the photograph is righter than official interpreter of appetite Chinese change version,Will tell to the netizen of Internet, nature of our the heart that be the same as manage is these people that apt offers advantage for us,But disputing a fact to what copyright encroachs also is have no alternative, can be to pray silently only well!Primitive link: StampReprint without awarding the right to travel with the network " nautical king " (" nautical king " Chinese renown " sea thief king " ) cartoon work, cause to cartoon company on ten million yuan loss, one man is approved to catch." nautical king " it is Japanese caricaturist end the teenager cartoon work that Tianrongyilang makes a picture, be loved since beginning serialize 1997 all the time, up to 2015, its already released many 320 million picture album in Japanese native land accumulative total, be by attestation of government of record of auspicious Nisi world " the series caricature that the onefold writer with the top circulation on the world produces " . Because tall read a quantity, its electron version clicks a quantity to also be resided from beginning to end after network hookup do not fall high, a few illegal elements attempt so tort seeks profit.Recently, because a man reprints nautical king caricature at the same time through date of website, public without accredit, estimation causes a loss to amount to to cartoon company on ten million yuan. This man is suspected of violating copyright crime, be approved to catch by procuratorate of people of division of Shanghai Feng Xian.Feng Xian procuratorate introduces, on October 28, public security mechanism is received call the police, weigh somebody without accredit, do sth without authorization is in what to company limited collect flower company division falls on its website and date of small letter public " nautical king " cartoon work undertakes Chinese is translated, stick a word, undertake the network travels again. Police launchs investigation instantly, on October 30, handle a case the policeman falls in the assistance of Heibei police, in Heibei Langfang some village seizes guilty suspect Wang Mou.Via checking, guilty suspect Wang Mou built website of some caricature net 2013, filed order of small letter public 2015, use technically at reprinting caricature and text information. Because often reprint caricature, he knows those who give home the company to the caricature such as nautical king is authorised edition of Chinese of Japanese company authorization, but a few days before some website meets abroad be updated in domestic authorised edition put Chinese edition cartoon in the link.Since 2017, wang Mou moves this every week overflow newer link to be put in from already on the website of operation, put him website link in public date to offer up a sacrifice again at the same time the user is clicked watch, its are returned wait for cost of fashion collection advertisement to undertake seeking profit through joining some advertisement alliance, enlightened advertisement to serve a function.To prevent to be aware of, its often update original caricature in the home after a few days hind, the pilfer edition link that attends him website and public number is deleted, replace original link.Classics police is maintained further, nautical Wang Man draws the tort that Wang Mou reprints at the same time through date of website, public, each word has those who exceed 100 thousand to click a quantity.According to " nautical king " the obligee company estimation of cartoon work, tort behavior of Wang Mou causes a loss to amount to to this company on ten million yuan.On December 5, shanghai acts according to procuratorate of virtuous division people to encroach copyright blame in order to be suspected of to be approved lawfully to guilty suspect Wang Mou arrest.CancelAlas my rat drawThis rubbish gut does not see sea thief king, had pity on other movie and TV howeverAlas, hardship of the manners and morals of the timeGg.Home of the Holy City is not stationmaster and caption group are troubled by disaccord, close a station more than one year. . . Actually if rat draw does not receive advertisement to seek profit to call you at most next wearing stop tort, this operation estimation is very much Chinese change and caption group wants divine hidden from viewDo not receive advertisement to reckon she also opens no less than going to, it is the interest is drivenYou think to always love to generate electricity really brother, station of a lot of welfare wants somebody to aid financially, it is excusable also to advertiseDoes the add that use love expend a serverAh, stick in small gain for interest interest only who does resource of the hair that send a plan communicate to be in charge of you? Must do a server, do calculated still accept ad, should blame others callosity? Do not have benefit other people is wholy not dead you, unlike is gone to dead by others now in whole, like you this kind wises and farsighted bar essence listens not to understandIt is the boiler of Tecent of pilfer edition build up completelyYes, which where has him, most be fed up with penguinDo then you still use the thing of Tecent?Still must be used at present, without substituteGo the copyright of his uncle ~The knife of Sino-US agreement plays dirty trickHeySee a cost later more expensive.Exploit imperialist pioneerthe person of the same trade is informed againstShould not be, everybody is pilfer edition, do bad meeting to ignite the upper part of the body, also be Tecent unlikely a kind, because of the video that you put I also cannot go up to wear, popular it is everywhere, the member also is everywhere, be other likely had not done Tecent a kind, want resource, the kidney city that has resource has, buy without the person again can have.It is sweater battle only, a form is sent just inSupport an authorised edition, fill a Vip otherwise of how many. After all devoted ability yields.Certain theatrical work lets you be filled again 50, how to still see 6 collect say more than the member?The problem is to channel of some of thing authorised edition is not done, where I see recent original movie for instance " antic " ? More never mention it flower opera beautiful drama of what, although go up authorised edition also give you deprive a theory. Member of website of my 3 big video leaves 2022 know clearly, see a drama still must consume ability 2 times to see … ahead of schedule recently next. .The premise that supports an authorised edition is to the authorised edition can support, however you understandThe authorised edition also must be castrate edition, divide otherwise minute 404Are you to say to celebrate one's remaining years? Filled VIP to develop VVIP again evenI also want to support an authorised edition, those who bother you to give me an authorised edition " American horrible story " , I support how many fundCut minute minutes to you " American countryside love "Alas horrible story of ~ United States looks ripe these a few actors, saw the exciting feeling from the back reduce a lot of.However certain website is VIP all the same hole your money, do what lead order programme, 50 look firstTecent love is strange art developed VIP, see ad to you, call you to draw out money to see a few market ahead of schedule again more again. This kind yield malignly can not want,You should have real original talent to support. How does castrate edition support?And some do not have even castrate editionB station old member reads castrate edition late night dining roomMoney did not forget to also contribute a dot to give impoverished area the child moreSupportStill have 15 days nevertheless we take off deficient in the round, put in impoverished area no longer so saidWe are nonexistent also unemployment rate plays this meaning, because we call come off sentry duty?Prepare for war tantivy for instance, do not look on the net. Beijing east go up to have Dvd edition seemingly. Still have fill Vip to also calculate, the problem is after developing Vip collect fees even additionally I just can see a movie, and money of this movie ticket still can not go to a family certainly the film is possessory in the hand.These immaterial culture, this should general day is the same as happy, commercialize me to aux would rather do not lookFilling what VIP looks however also is castrate version neverthelessVip was filled, but the family still has Vvip, one of these days perhaps comes a VvvipSome films are in the mainland not to go up at all, can read pilfer edition only, this also is dot of a chamfer, hope film classifications quicklyDivided early, two class are made, total chrysanthemum of smooth buttocks of this one class does not like, forbid to show; Another class, smooth buttocks total chrysanthemum likes, show.Brother have the website with good what to recommendB station informs against caricatureAlso say at the outset happy inspect those who inform against is fast sow, finally still is not to confirm be fond of abdicate to sprinkle foul water. Did dare not admit.Basically be official caricature interpreter is too soddenStand in silent tribute.Rat paint does not make caption, be Chinese those who change caricature blebBlow Chinese is changed group with illegal actually very funny but also be inevitable, copyright issue is to carry with Chinese turn group of problems that cannot avoid, but carry with Chinese turning the devotion of the group is big really, say an exaggerated, if do not have them, the environment on the net still may stay in last centuries, carry without those people Chinese change, so resource waits the novel caricature game that the cinema did not distribute without shown film TV country a moment to be done not have completely etcSo opposite at other country, the network environment of China and Russia develops than other country relatively!Tecent is so () !PT capable proper motion goes getting on a carSaw rat draw 10 years, tx interpreter rots compare, eat the photograph is too uglyIron child people, do not do how on shift?So the system is in what perfect, china's original patent consciousness is not tall. This kind of thing is right for our Everyman more it is regretful, but it is good to social progress. But the occurrence of these two websites still also says palpability is very much...Fortunately Where is where? The rubbish that everybody turns over in bad-mouth official, because home of many movies TV cannot be shown to did not classification, video website filled VIP to see a movie to spend money again even, watch TV even VVIP, where of these a few problems is advantageous developed?you care about see a movie only watch video, the progress that what I basically say is patent is good!So visual China also came out, patent development has had also have badOld man people does little younger brother beg to invite a code? ? ? 931483613@qq.comVIP adds 50 yuan to see 6 market more everyday againPresent problem is not to follow to go up, new you cannot see, also cannot buy, old with respect to those. . . It is OK to think method looks for Zhang Liangcai, or the website that goes looking for curved turn is sharedThis thing does not see sea thief king it may not be a bad idea! The adult looks babyish, little look unfavorable! Saw more than 500 market or look for breasts, be to see no less than going to really, just beginning to think is hot-blooded youth make a living wandering from place to place, just knowing later is Home Guanfu children goes flow to assume office!Of summary very incisive, with a ha breath out from the back did not look to go down really the person all round pulls hole basicallyToo miserable, home of the Holy City is advanced VIP ah the data did not carry a seed to did not bale. Too regrettablly ahWho is copyright obligee? Does side foreigner make money to work so actively?Not be to help a foreigner make money for certainThe Holy City is too miserable, still have before passing is the website coils money runnings of the road, alasSupport an authorised edition, also love pilfer editionHarmonious society, free talent is core.Although sow king resource more complete, and the website that is treasure island, but the resource of a lot of movie and TV that still depends on home, so these resource stations must have protected him."Conceal Internet 14 years " conceal egg, the umbrella that is before only cannot give protection. "Pilfer edition " sea thief king " incur ten million loss " some depressed disease patient attends home line nautical king, cold meal closes not to answer cost to begin to bit a person to stop.Why I had not heard of!Estimation is in negotiating with Sino-US commerce, acceptance of square intellectual property is concerned. Gain is not previously without giving thought to, the impact is big now do surely.It is Tx inform againstWeb of edition of this kind of pilfer is done big want to be done for certainWant bay bay to still be in only, pilfer edition can exist forever. No more than completes outstanding achievement of a few tasks every year just.Sino-US sign an agreement, very long recently period of time, what intellectual property can catch is severe all the more, bit more carefulI remember caricature of authorised edition of sea thief king look freelyBeg invite old man of code, thank people! ! ! 1121735065@qq.comAlasWe do not want to read pilfer edition, it is home is done not have, whats do not give look, afflictiveThe 2nd phase expected hard, special can billow general let you master rhythm?Can you do bit of one's proper business? For instance the money of certain Laolai still still does not running all the time the road does not have what activity 锝 a few yearsKing of pardonable sea thief stopped that several words to was not updatedMainland network has money to do not have a place to buy a member to look normally, buy a member to may discover by editing and rearrangementLook our country yields finally, bed approach is a victoryBe pulled, do not have a thing ten years in home, abrupt this give end? Where be difference does not need the issue that reach, just I want to seal you now just.Penguin government is translated and the interpreter of rat draw is really poor is not a tiny bit, before the feeling had not looked completely namely of gut have nothing to do the personage is translatingDo not say the interpreter's problem with respect to sea thief king, with respect to composing, not of keck chamfer Tecent and B station, one magnify pursues, can divide a page to send, also be to takeHad an accident to just know to have these websites every time!Home of the Holy City is he has looked for trouble all sorts of … VIP, VVIP cuts leek, this has fallen. Him head was cut.Home of the Holy City sells seemingly early, not be those first peopleBe afraid that the money that is gain returns insufficient server cost.Https://pic2.zhimg.com/80/5bb8180a9440773ae0cb0fc361503331_hd.jpgDownstair melon makes a faceThe melon of rat draw is pretty good stillHttps://www.zhihu.com/question/46177975Https://pic3.zhimg.com/80/c5bfda8279f409c2b589b080c76ddac3_hd.jpgForce, share the story that you just wrote with the world, do not say other, faceless should make up, suspect.Ah, does rat guarder show a body? The graph has video to return brazen-faced to say the person is made up, by you simple can a word force in the negative?Rat draw this honest too aggressive. Itself does pilfer edition to still dare go up namely video program. Still be Tecent video. Cannot do you when Tecent really. Once you use pilfer edition profit, be caught even if get sooner or later. This kind of thing can use pilfer edition basically only love generates electricity to just can assure safety.Pop chart of commodity of sell like hot cakes, exceed newlier fast, need shopping searchBlessing the edition that install eminent115 nets dish section of 2019 iron pink, diamond member 380 yuan 18 months, space sending 3T stands originally exclusive allowanceActor cruel cruel mews VIP is the member that actors or actress cruel the superlative degree is fastened, except the limits of authority that enjoys actor cruel VIP, still can carry in TV applicable.©2019Welfare Website map...Reading details

          Display device        On September 30, 2019, small gain user " staff of national animal museum " (Zhang Jin large) explode in small gain makings sayBroadcasted on September 30 "Approach science" the final first phase that processing water earthnut is this columnExplode makings small gain: Https://weibo.com/1893390013/I9jTGbKB0?After broadcasting, "Approach science" declare be over"Approach science" it is the popular science that integrated channel rolls out the CCTV kind TV programThe program removed daily late 20:0 on June 1, 19980 centrally TV station is integrated channel head is sowedHad instead CCTV science and education on July 9, 2001 channel head is sowed"Approach science" also be the earliest caption party TV program, a lot of essence were born to surprise since broadcasting strange taleNowadays be over, explaining we are in possibly also fromApproach scienceMarch toward walk into science!"Approach science" CCTV official net: Http://tv.cctv.com/lm/zjkx/" approach science " the fact of 10 big fantastic story that stops you to play: Https://www.bilibili.com/video/av18699089?CancelThe library of high school reads a class to pointing to first approach scientific water strange series gives completely lookedIn one's childhood almost every? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? Period chasing after lookBe attracted by the story inside this every day in those days next 10 have 89 or " the mystery that did not solve " signed off nowMemoryRose partly at 5 o'clock in the morning look approach scienceWalked along so much to arrive at going end of the yearMy dear brother, when you do not watch news broadcast over a radio network, he has been big ending. We live in new era, should content with one's lot.I look with Zuo Geng is always Zuo not is over of JianSome village old man had never seen he drinks water many years old 60, profess to arrive not to drink water greatly as a child, approach scientific column used a hour to unscramble, old man of final investigation and study drinks two bowls of big boiling water before every meal! A building discovers with test pencil all places have report, the expert handles investigation suddenly, wasteful everybody discovers test pencil is bad after a precious hour! ! !Direct call away goes into cerebral damageApproach think of amounted to closely, be fond of old general to run quicklyThe process of program dug truth does away with superstition to walk into scientific process namely. The conclusion that reach looks be like very do laugh, but be a grass-roots unit of development of scientific exploration spirit really shed approved program, probably he ended in the task of this times, but one of the best memory that remain a lot of person childhood.This program is fed up with really, program form learns western media the sort of empty hyperbole, obviously 29 words can say sensible thing, blame angle you a long time appetite, bosom friend antrum, this defeats a program to see no less than going to at all, cannot be maintained eventually now, poured clap to applaud.Say rightly, feel disgusted namely such, it is gibberish stalls for time completelyResemble present video kind from media same, the former video of 30 seconds, just can scrape together the explanation put through plus UP video of 3 minutesChildhood shadowI know on the net a lot of people are to hold very negative view to this program, the much that can get online after all is literate person. But be in vast destitute rural area, remote, those teach the area that resource lacks, society of look upon of look upon nature or the feudal blind faith with meeting traditional comply with. And this file program, make the same score the language with common fact however with exaggerated caption just about, the thing that will tell people those resort is superstitious actually not mysterious. What reflect oneself blindly through criticising this program is foolish is advantageous, be new era nevertheless " why to eat the meat rotten " .There is a lot of in the comment, haBut, this is the program that first gear broadcasts in channel of CCTV science and education, suffer numerous be to have certain knowledge base more or less, want popular science, well popular science, must do suspense Jing Song, mood hyperbole, "The language with smooth common fact " , it is common to smooth fact that you are afraid of have what misunderstanding, the thing that understands simply obviously, even if be to analphabetic and same person, very simple also truth, must do so that resemble suspense piece same, have this necessary, teach the place that resource lacks truly, cannot see program of your this file, and criticize person of this file program, also did not plan to rely on to criticise this file program will reflect his superior move, the channel of science and education of formidable CCTV, sow, it is this kind relies on exaggerated caption however one Jing one suddenly explain the program that will attract an audience. This kind of old game is used much, dot and old people must not be interestedScientific not at allIs this very not normal? It is to approach after all science, the specification still is not scienceHave a tattered village, pulling a dog to be met to dog of a certain place edge wallop edge cries, local says the dog saw nasty thing, because there is leakage of electricity on the ground,the result is, the person wears a shoe to do not have thing dog by report croaky. This still is the … that relies on chart. What rely on chart least of all is a of Beijing TV station similar program, a bus was bumped into by slimy head car, broadcast the monitoring in the bus to consider why to be met in the car repeatedly next abrupt men and horses thrown off their feet-utterly routed. Gave a crossing monitoring to be bumped into by other vehicle finally, I bah.Still have " I love to invent " program, what air uses force bicycle, use namely compress air to be being blown run. What submarine, the solderer solder that is a culture of junior high school iron sheet case, besides cannot dive, can rely on leakage underwater to sink only. The bicycle on water, do not have a law to look simply, you are inferior to building a boat to come really, is the egg of your idle fond of an invention what egg do this have to use? The knife cuts Aoteman, what open the mechanical gearing of chamber cacodaemon to have different in approach but equally satisfactory in result with what in one's childhood horrible city looks 20 years ago actually is clever! Courage of the child in night is small looking to be afraid of in the evening is to should become nightmare, is this the original intention of the invention? The handiwork of summer vacation time that this is pupil simply works! The intelligence quotient of the audience is pressed to be on the ground attrition attrition is in attrition, the subject matter of be there just to make up the number is really too much out of fashion saidActually you are thought of amounted to closely, you want to know, a lot of stories that laughing to say, what explain with of a kind reason is actual timePop chart of commodity of sell like hot cakes, exceed newlier fast, need shopping searchBlessing the edition that install eminent115 nets dish section of 2019 iron pink, diamond member 380 yuan 18 months, space sending 3T stands originally exclusive allowanceActor cruel cruel mews VIP is the member that actors or actress cruel the superlative degree is fastened, except the limits of authority that enjoys actor cruel VIP, still can carry in TV applicable.©2019Welfare Website map...Reading details